1. Best Barre Class EVER!

    "Best barre class EVER!"…Read More

    Maisha R.
  2. Awesome Workouts!

    "Crystal is great! Awesome workouts for barre, yoga, and core--especially for women postpartum."…Read More

    Jillian S.
  3. Education & Checking In

    I loved the education at the beginning of each session and the 'checking in' with each person to make sure their posture was correct."…Read More

    Sarah P.
  4. Stronger core

    "This class really helped me to get a good basis for a stronger core with ideas to use at home."…Read More

    Andrea D.
  5. GREAT class

    "I loved everything about Core Restore! Great class, instructor, and exercises."…Read More

    Leah M.
  6. Loved Everything!

    "I loved everything! The instruction was very personal. I always felt like I was getting it right or it not I was helped."…Read More

    Angela F.
  7. Connection

    "I loved that the Core Restore Series connecting the exercises we were learning to everyday movements...like, standing up, lifting kids, etc. Thank you!"…Read More

    Stephanie N.
  8. I loved that we were working more than just the core

    "I loved all the attention I got from the instructor to make sure I was doing the exercises right. I really loved that we were working more than just the core during this series!"…Read More

    Sarah H.
  9. Very Pleased

    "I was very pleased that my core strength improved after just 4 sessions and the at-home exercises we did during the series."…Read More

    Jenny B.
  10. I LOVED this class!

    I LOVED this class!  I finally enjoy yoga.…Read More

    Jeannette C.