A private training session may be just what you need jumpstart your fitness routine to reach your goals. Private training can also boost your confidence and get you ready for that first class experience. It can be very difficult and intimidating for beginners to learn a new skill in a big group setting.

Additionally, our in-person postnatal fitness training is a fusion workout of yoga, barre, and core training to help you regain your confidence and stamina after birth.  Your baby is welcome to attend our sessions together and either participate or observe.

At Y2B Fit, we individualize and specialize our in-person private yoga, barre, or fitness training  for your needs.  Enjoy the benefit of receiving assists and adjustments tailored specifically to you and learn proper alignment and breathing techniques in an individualized session. A private training session is personalized for your maximum benefit. You’ll leave our session with an individualized plan that you can easily do at home on your own.

If you don’t have enough time to make it into the studio for a session and you feel comfortable with jumping into a program on your own, you can also join Y2B Fit tv for online yoga, barre, and postnatal fitness.  Brennen_TFFFFFFFFFFF

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