A listing of current workshops on topics related to yoga, barre, nutrition, and postnatal fitness.  Workshops are held at studios throughout the Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA areas.

Introduction to Healthy Eating

Do you ever wonder what eating healthy really means? Do you struggle with cravings? Are you confused by all the conflicting information out there about what you should be eating? No need to stress! This 7-week series covers several topics to assist you in learning the basics of eating a nutrient-dense diet. You will learn the principles of Dr. Furhman’s nutritarian program.

The weekly topics include:

Introduction to Eat for Health (1), Hunger & Food Addiction (2), Magical/Mythical Protein (3), Emotional Factors in Weight Loss & Health (4), Nutritarian vs. Vegetarian (5), The Skinny about Fats (6), and Nutritarian Cooking Secrets (7).





School of Body Therapies

Bucks County Community College

Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known as the “sister science” to Yoga. Ayurveda focuses on prevention of disease through living in harmony with nature. It employs a number of approaches, such as diet, herbs, and lifestyle to strengthen and purify the body, mind, and spirit which will help to increase harmony with the environment. The purpose of this course is to gain introductory knowledge of how to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle and will include information on Ayurvedic theory including the three constitutions, Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic use of herbs, and Ayurvedic self-care.

7/12/2016 & 7/19/2016 6-9:30pm Bucks County Community College

Creating an Ayurvedic Seasonal Routine

Get ready for the changing season by using simple Ayurvedic diet changes to help balance your dosha for Winter! Ayurveda is the “sister science” of yoga, it focuses on the prevention of disease through living in harmony with nature. This workshop will focus on employing minor dietary changes that will bring you balance throughout the winter months and help to keep you balanced into the spring!





Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio

Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio

Postnatal Fitness Series

This fitness series is designed to help the postnatal woman re-establish her strength and flexibility. We will work on reconnecting and strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles, correcting the postural compensations of pregnancy, and beginning to shed the extra weight. This class will include yoga, barre, and core exercises appropriate for the recovering postnatal body.

Ongoing  – Fridays                                 9:30-10:30pm        The Wall Cycling Studio

5/17/2016-6/7/2016                            11-12pm                     Mount Airy Learning Tree

85-hour Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training

Learn to teach yoga to kids from ages two through teen in this 100-hour training! This comprehensive, Yoga Alliance-approved program will cover childhood development, communication with parents/caregivers, yoga poses and activities appropriate for each age level. You’ll learn how to develop class plans and effectively teach yoga to children of all ages. We will also cover legal considerations of teaching yoga to children and have ample time for observation and practice teaching. This course is appropriate for yoga teachers, educators, nurses, child psychologists or anyone who would like to learn more about sharing yoga with kids! This program satisfies the requirements of the RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) designation with Yoga Alliance for those already holding at least the RYT 200 designation.


2/27 & 2/28 9am -5pm (each day) Bucks County Community College
3/19 & 3/20 9am -5pm (each day) Bucks County Community College
4/9 & 4/10 9am -5pm (each day) Bucks County Community College
5/7 & 5/8Thursdays 5/5/16 – 5/26/16 9am-5pm (each day)6pm-9:30pm Bucks County Community CollegeBucks County Community College

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