This page includes a listing of products that we use at Y2B Fit and highly recommend to our clients!

Dr. Fuhrman Vitamins, Books, & Food Products

We can’t say enough great things about Dr. Fuhrman’s products.  His nutritarian eating plan will completely change your life and the way you approach food.  Check out the vitamins and products by clicking here, you won’t regret it!

Energy Bitsenergy bits

We love real food, not supplements with a lot of unnatural additives. These are perfect for workout recovery, energy, and have many additional health benefits. Made from 100% spirulina algae, Energy Bits are actually considered a food, not a supplement. Click the picture to visit the website. Use code YBFit  for 20% off your order!


Manduka EkoLite Mat

The only yoga mat you’ll ever see at Y2B Fit. Seriously, this mat helps you say goodbye to slipping, bunching up, and provides extra padding under your knees. What more could a yogi ask for?!  Click here to check them out.
These are the absolute best tanks to transition from the barre (or your mat) into the rest of your day! Check out more styles by clicking here. Be sure to use code crystal15 to receive 15% off your order!