This page includes a listing of products that we highly recommend to our clients!

Dr. Fuhrman Vitamins, Books, & Food Products

We can’t say enough great things about Dr. Fuhrman’s products.  His plant-basd nutritarian eating plan will completely change your life and the way you approach food.  Click below to check out the vitamins and products.

Dr. Fuhrman’s New Book! Order now Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Quick and Easy CookBook. Comes with Exclusive Digital Booklet with 10 BONUS Recipes!

Manduka EkoLite Mat


The only yoga mat you’ll ever see Crystal on. Seriously, this mat helps you say goodbye to slipping, bunching up, and provides extra padding under your knees. What more could a you ask for?!

The eKO Lite 4mm Yoga Mat – Eco-friendly & biodegradable, this mat firmly supports both your practice AND our planet.

Looking for a barre to use for your at-home workouts? We’ve tried a lot of options and this one was by far our favorite. It folds up for easy storage and if you add weights to the front, you can easily do chair and waterskier! Click here for more info.