Happy + Healthy Workplace

Bring the tranquility and stress reduction associated with practicing yoga to your office or workplace.  Another component of the Happy + Healthy Workplace is health coaching services to help your employees begin to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the use of proper diet and nutrition habits!

*Classes can be schedule during the workday to meet the needs of your business.

*We can schedule classes on a weekly basis, as a 1-day retreat, or on a schedule that best meets your business needs.
*Y2B Fit trained teachers are available to provide services for businesses throughout Philadelphia, PA & the surrounding counties.


Options to Consider

Yoga in the Workplace – classes for groups or individual sessions
Yoga as a Complimentary Activity – combine with executive and team coaching
Health Coaching – individual or group activities to learn healthy eating habits

Happy + Healthy Workplace services can help employees to:

*Cultivate a sense of well-being
*Clarify confused thinking
*Reduce tension and stress