Virtual Monthly Live-Stream + On Demand Unlimited – $70 per month

Virtual Monthly Unlimited Includes:

Unlimited Live-Stream Classes

Unlimited Y2B tv On Demand Access

1 free guest pass per month (livestream only)

Unlimited Policies:

*Unused classes at the end of a month expire (classes do not rollover).

You will be charged monthly on your renewal date and will start over with new classes.*

All memberships require a valid credit card on file. Membership rate will auto-renew on the anniversary date of your original membership purchase.

A minimum of 5 days written notice is required to cancel a Virtual Monthly Unlimited.


Y2B tv On Demand Rates

1 Live-Stream Class Replay – $8.99

Y2B tv On Demand Memberships

7-day FREE Trial!  – Monthly Unlimited On Demand Access – $19.99

Yearly Unlimited On Demand Access – $179.99

*monthly and yearly subscriptions rates auto-renew on the monthly or yearly subscription anniversary date.

Cancel Anytime.

Y2B tv On Demand Series (one time purchase)

12-week Core Restore Program – $147

Online Barre Teacher Training (self-paced) – $249