HIIT the Barre™ 45

HIIT The Barre combines everything you love about that barre burn with tabata-style high intensity intervals dispersed throughout the class. This is a high energy workout that will increase your metabolic rate for hours after class.
*Grippy Socks Required for this Class*

What the Func(tional) 45

This is functional fitness training class focused on improving full body muscular strength through the use of kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and your own bodyweight.


The Whole Shebang 45

The is a class combining functional fitness and HIIT-style training. We’ll focus on building muscular strength, power, and endurance through the use of weights, your own body weight, and cardio intervals.


Barre + Flow Fusion 45

This class fuses (unheated) vinyasa flow yoga with the small isometric movements of barre. We start with a short vinyasa-flow sequence to warm up the body and clear the mind before moving on to a strengthening full-body barre sequence. This class includes longer stretching intervals to relieve tension in the muscles. We end class with a short savasana (or rest) on our mats.  You can expect to leave with both a great physical workout and a strong sense of relaxation.

*Grippy Socks Required for this Class*